About Us

Sarah David

The Bride

Sarah migrated to Colorado in 2001 to become a life-long CU Buff fan. Sarah loves to travel the world, along the way finding great beer and neat socks. But she has especially enjoyed all she's discovered right in her own state, making Colorado home.

Casey Bleeker

The Groom

A geek from a small town in Kansas, Casey made his way to Denver in 2008. When not fiddling with some electronics related project, he loves to explore all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Our Love Story

  • Aug 2014

    The First Date

    Casey met Sarah when he started working at Cisco. After getting to know each other for a few months, Casey had a suspicion that Sarah could be the woman of his dreams. He finally got up the courage to ask her out and luckily she said yes - in the form of a kiss! He quickly planned a first date to the Denver Aquarium followed by a vegetarian dinner, though he of course still ate meat.

  • Nov 2014

    First Holiday Together

    Having been inseparable for almost three months, Sarah invited Casey to join her family for Thanksgiving. He was more than willing to run a potential gauntlet of inquisitive family members, knowing that the two of them were quickly falling in love. However, the Davids immediately welcomed Casey and made him feel like part of the family.

    Thanksgiving at the Davids' 2014
  • April 2015

    Casey Moves In

    When Sarah and Casey decided to live together, they had two options: a tiny 400 square-foot downtown loft apartment, or Sarah's home in Wash Park. With Timbre, an 85lb dog, to accommodate the choice was easy and Casey moved in with Sarah.

  • Summer 2015

    Tinkering Together

    Living under the same roof, Sarah and Casey quickly found they loved to geek out together. This led to many hobbies and projects. Whether building a home brewing system, learning how to use their 3D printer, or becoming amateur drone pilots, Sarah and Casey discovered their love of exploration was even better as a couple.

  • Fall 2015

    Family Time

    As Sarah and Casey's lives merged, they got to spend more and more quality time with each others' families. Sarah met the rest of Casey's family on a trip to St Louis and Casey joined Sarah's family for a vacation to Cabo. They also are lucky to have family in Denver and got to join them for lots of adventures like a Broncos game or sailing on Lake Dillon.

  • March 2016

    Down Under

    In their first intercontinental trip together, Sarah and Casey went to Australia & New Zealand! Even though Casey had to do some work in Australia, they had a blast exploring Melbourne, and then had a week on the South Island of New Zealand. They knew they would continue to love exploring the world side by side.

  • June 2016

    First Camping Trips

    One big thing had been nagging at Casey: Sarah had never been on a camping trip. Could she handle it? Not only did he decide to take Sarah on her first ever camping trip, he combined it with her first multi-day rafting trip. She survived and had a blast! So much so that they packed in a number of other camping and rafting trips in 2016! Timbre (the dog) came along on her first rafting trip later in the season and earned her first river stripes too!

  • Aug 2016

    The Proposal

    The morning of their two year dating anniversary, Casey sprung out of bed earlier than usual. Unbenounced to Sarah, Casey was out in the garage working on a little red rider wagon to help carry out his afternoon plan. Casey surprised Sarah by announcing he had taken the afternoon off and that they were going to go their local park before their anniversary dinner.

    After a couple chance encounters with a local park coyote, they settled down with a picnic and played some lawn games. With nerves building, Casey finally planned the perfect opportunity to ask Sarah to marry him! She said "Yes, 1000 times yes!"

"When i saw you i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."

Willian Shakespeare